Wednesday, October 15, 2008
One Darn Big Cadillac Coney Dawg: Not a Michigan! 
by Lenka Reznicek [permalink] 
Da Dawg House DaShound

If you happen to find yourself in Cadillac, MI, try this: "Da DaShound" is one darn big (half-pound!) "Coney Island Dog," the reputed inspiration for the North Country "Michigan Hot Dog." While both have a meat-chili based sauce (the DaShound seems to contain Hormel™ chili), chopped onions, and mustard on a hot dog in a bun, their similarity ends there.

You see, the Coney Island (NY) Dog is from Michigan, and the Michigan Hot Dog is from New York. Confusing, no? It makes one wonder, was there once a Great Hot Dog Exchange between the two states?

The Northern New York "Michigan" has a mysterious history and a nearly impossible-to-duplicate taste. That's because the Michigan sauce recipe has been a closely-guarded secret for generations, and true Michigans are invariably prepared with local Glazier™ hot dogs and New England (top-cut) hot dog buns - the kind normally used to make lobster rolls.

Bun Logic

Now, if you find yourself in Plattsburgh, NY (or vicinity), try a real Michigan "with, buried": that's local code for "with onions," "buried" under the hot dog rather than sprinkled on top. Locals all have their favorite spots, all quite good in my opinion: Nitzi's, Gus', Clare and Carl's, McSweeney's, Ronnie's, and Michigans Plus being the best known.

Note: the utensils here are a standard size restaurant knife and fork. Seen (and eaten) at Da Dawg House, on M115 in Cadillac, MI.

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