Tuesday, June 17, 2008
The Canadian Severed Foot Mystery 
by Lenka Reznicek [permalink] 
SECOND UPDATE: It wasn't a foot, it was a "skeletonized animal paw."

UPDATE: A SIXTH severed foot was found yesterday near Vancouver Island, CNN reports:
The Vancouver Sun newspaper said the first four feet found in the area were all right feet, making the foot found Monday the only left foot. Experts told The Sun there could be explanations that did not suggest foul play. Ian Buckingham, a retired coroner, told the newspaper the ankle joint can come apart easily if a body is decomposing at sea. Curtis Ebbesmeyer, an expert on ocean currents, told The Sun a foot wearing a buoyant athletic shoe could float as far as 1,000 miles.
Yes, six severed feet popping up with increasing frequency over the past year along Canadian island shores sounds like a "natural occurrence" to me - but then, anything is possible, right? Right.

A strange headline once again has appeared in the news: a severed foot, clad in a sock and running shoe, has washed ashore near a small island in Canada. One severed foot washing up on shore is a bit macabre, but not unheard of. Two severed feet? Somewhat more strange, especially considering they were almost identically shod, and both were right feet.

When the third foot and the fourth foot were found earlier this spring, investigators speculated they may have come from a February 2005 small plane crash near Quadra Island, British Columbia, that claimed the lives of all four aboard.

Now, a fifth severed foot has been found, and investigators know something very strange is afoot, but are not yet definitively stating foul play is involved, pending DNA test results. However, that fact that feet are washing ashore on different islands would make me a bit suspicious something other than piranhas or possessed boat propellers are to blame.

Who are the five people missing their right feet? I hate to say it, but something about this mystery stinks.

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