Wednesday, March 12, 2008
Chicago's Twin Black SUV Mystery 
by Lenka Reznicek [permalink] 
I have a burning question for Chicagoans in the know: which bigshot rides around town in a pair of shiny black Chevy Suburbans (with tastefully concealed blue and red emergency lights and police-style sirens, used at strategic moments to slice through traffic like a knife through butta') both bearing the SAME rear license plate, Illinois registration 321-6024 - with a DIFFERENT license plate on the front?

The rear windows are deep-tinted, and through the lightly tinted front window glass you can spy a Blues Brothersish goomba behind each wheel. Two identical Suburbans in tandem, with the same rear plates?? This wouldn't fly without the express consent of Chicago PD.

I've seen these Suburbans twice now - riding alongside me on northbound Lake Shore Drive just past the river, in the afternoon rush hour.

Who do they belong to? Da Mare? Certainly not Blowdryevich; he flies on our nickel.

[Image courtesy of a Colorado limo service - the only photo of two Black Suburbans I could filch off the Web. Gracias!]