Wednesday, May 02, 2007
Pit Bulls on Meth 
by Lenka Reznicek [permalink] 
Violent pit bulls: a bad thing.

Methamphetamine: also a bad thing, probably much worse than pit bulls.

New Zealand officials say Pit bulls on meth may have been responsible for the mauling of George, a Jack Russell terrier who bravely stepped in and saved five children from the rampaging dogs. From the Taranaki [NZ] Daily News:
...[I]nvestigations yesterday by the Taranaki Daily News have revealed a horrifying new dimension to the menace of fierce dogs. Stratford animal control officer Kieran Best says he's heard of methamphetamine (P) being fed to pitbulls, making them more aggressive and very unpredictable. "I understand it commonly happens in Rotorua. I haven't seen a dog on P, but I've heard about it from drug squad police at conferences." While he had not heard of P being given to dogs in Taranaki, "if it's happening elsewhere it's quite possible it could be happening here. The pitbulls I've had dealings with are naturally aggressive because of the type of people they are with. They keep pitbulls around because they don't like visitors, and one can only presume they have something to hide, that they are into crime and drugs. [read full article]