Friday, April 20, 2007
The Monday '4chan' Forum Post: An Update 
by Lenka Reznicek [permalink] 
We received this comment regarding the Monday morning '4chan' posting from a user who states they are from the Planet Blacksburg website, and while I can not vouch for its authenticity, it does have the ring of truth to it:
"We removed the post due to a sick phone call and a host of sicking posts from 4chan users.

I understand that the vast majority of 4chan users are perfectly normal people exchanging information. However, it seemed that our reporter stumbled upon a sick little corner of cyberspace. With everything else we had to do in reporting on and dealing with the massacre, we decided to turn the issue over to the FBI, to remove the post and to push on to cover the story that really mattered.

Planet Blacksburg"
By the way, if you have a moment please visit CNN's section paying tribute to those who were killed Monday at Virginia Tech. People who knew them share some of their fond memories, giving us a glimpse into the stories and promise of thirty-two lives senselessly cut short. These are the people who should be remembered and celebrated; not the individual who caused their deaths.

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