Friday, April 20, 2007
Chinese Dumpling Strainer WiFi Booster 
by Lenka Reznicek [permalink] 
Saw this little hack on ConsumerIST [via Instructables - a great site, by the way] and I must try it - since I use a USB WiFi adapter and I have a couple of Chinese brass dumpling strainers kicking around. Instead of catching ravioli and wontons, it will catch delicious Interweb rays. This WiFi signal booster is kind of like a cantenna without the can!

I know there was some brouhaha about a year ago where a police officer was quoted as saying cantennas are "illegal to possess," but I'm not sure if that's actually true. Also, you're probably fine since it's technically not a "can," so to speak.* Unless you're wardriving or sticking one out your apartment window to steal your neighbor's WiFi, you can always disassemble it quickly and claim you've taken up Chinese cooking. That's something you can't do easily with a Pringles™ can on a stick, that crack pipe of WiFi thievery.

* I think it would be hilarious (though foolhardy) to stick the electrified strainer out your sunroof seeking signalz.