Wednesday, September 06, 2006
German Engrish Boozehound Spam 
by Lenka Reznicek [permalink] 
A Google™ Langage Tools translation of a bizarre German-language spam that popped up in my inbox today:
Good day, do you know that? They wake up with roaring head, the head hum, and you know: That was a drink too much last night. Was it really only ONE drink too much? New scientific studies show: More than half of all Europeans cannot deal with alcohol.

Make now immediately on-line test with immediately evaluation: Drink It too much alcohol? Ideally for lunch time, the 10-minute test:


No fear - which result strictly confidentially treated! That On-line test is evaluated within seconds, and received you the result discretely at the screen indicated, "strictly confidential"!

Experience now whether also you drink too much, or whether it that End of workday beer this evening to nevertheless still enjoy know. It goes around Their health: Even about it one thinks on a long-term basis, the health insurance company contributions to increase radically - due to the people drug alcohol. It is thus the better to know much about it.

Best greetings, Their alkohol-------.com - team

They receive this email, because they announced themselves on one of our portals. If they should not want to get our pieces of news any longer, they can deliver themselves here: http://www.alkohol-------.com/newsout.php?email=[deleted]
How tempting! If one wants to know if they are one of the 50% of Europeans ("people drug alcohol"?) that can't handle their liquor, why not log on and take this "strictly confidential" online test?

No sprechen sie Deutsch? Try the Virtual Drunk German Flash game [via Si-Blog-LA, The Illustrator's Blog]