Thursday, May 11, 2006
Matt Simonette on Feast of Fools! 
by Lenka Reznicek [permalink] 
Feast of Fools Chicago podcast Matt Simonette - click here!Head on over to the Feast of Fools website, and grab podcast #307 - "Parenting with a Sexy Twist"!

My good friend Matt Simonette is one of the guests on Fausto and Marc's May 11th show, and he "comes by to chew the fat about healthcare, summer movies, urban legends, and old remedies for allergies that Japanese researches are discovering."

Now, in all honesty - Matt's a bona fide movie expert with a razor-sharp sense of humour - so this should be great. We've taken in our share of B-movies in past few years - even some Z-movies, I'm sure. (The Star Wars Holiday Special and Skyscraper come to mind!) I'm downloading this show as we speak...er, I type...but the Japanese allergy remedies might be a bit frightening. Especially if they involve irrigation of body orifices, perhaps with green tea or sake. We'll see.

What does that have to do with "Parenting with a Sexy Twist"? Check out the rest of the 'cast - according to W Magazine, apparently Madonna likes to ride horses. Not bareback, mind you, but bare-chested, in sight of paparazzi. Also, her daughter Lourdes allegedly has some "issues" with having such a famous mum. Well - I say, if you're her age (47), and there's still a market for paparazzi taking pictures of you riding a horse topless, all the more power to you. Hell, most of us would need guywires. Maybe there was something to the bullet bra regimen, after all. ;)