Wednesday, May 03, 2006
Keith Richards Falls Out of a Coconut Tree 
by Lenka Reznicek [permalink] 
Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is reported to be awaiting surgery to relieve a brain haemorrhage, caused by a fall from a coconut tree in Fiji. Considering the scads of assorted substances he's alleged to have piped into his system in his 62-plus years, the simple fact Keef is climbing (and falling out of) coconut trees in Fiji is nothing short of a miracle in itself. Of course, he does have a bit of history of falls, according to The Herald:
According to bandmate Ron Wood, he once slipped on a frankfurter lobbed on stage while playing a concert in Frankfurt, Germany. "Even more ridiculously," Richards has been quoted as saying, "two days later in Hamburg, I slipped on a hamburger. It's absolutely true." In 1998, the band had to delay a tour after Richards fell off a ladder while trying to retrieve a book in the library of his Connecticut mansion.
Let's wish him a speedy recovery, and may he live to have many similarly memorable future falls. Just keep him (and Mick and the rest of the crew) off the Super Bowl halftime show, lest he slip on a malfing brassiere.