Thursday, April 20, 2006
Put a Cork In It, Edgewater 
by Lenka Reznicek [permalink] 
UPDATE: According to a July 2005 WGN news story, "Except for those living in Los Angeles, Chicagoans drink more wine than residents of any other metropolitan area." The orchids will be very happy.

Are residents of the Edgewater neighborhood inveterate boozehounds? Judging from this news release passed on from the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce, we just might be....although I find it surprising that plushy Lincoln Park apparently needs to import corks from Edgewater for their orchid pots. *points nose upward with finger*
Cork It Again!

Cork comes from a tree and in countries where it grows like Portugal and Australia, recycling cork is popular. As part of its recycling initiative the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce is partnering with the Chicago Area Gay/Lesbian Chamber of Commerce to recycle corks. The collected corks are brought to the Lincoln Park Conservatory where they are used as a planting medium for orchids and to fill the bottoms of very large pots. Drop Your Cork Off at:

True Nature Foods
6030 N. Broadway, Chicago IL

Edgewater Chamber of Commerce
1210 W. Rosedale, Chicago IL