Friday, January 20, 2006
Bradgelina, Russian Webglish-Style 
by Lenka Reznicek [permalink] 
Post-Communism, the Rossiya RUTV television news agency in the former Soviet Union seems just as celebrity-obsessed as any stateside tabloid. However, when you translate the pages using a automated web utility like AltaVista's Babelfish™, much Engrish-style hilarity ensues. Here's their take on the Bradgelina, complete with the oddly appropriate choice of pronoun, "it":
Bradgelina!Film star andzhelina Joly officially declared, which awaits child from Breda Of pitta. And the now most popular and most fascinating Hollywood pair by seven-mile steps dvizhetsya to the marriage, especially as Pitt there was recently zastukan in the jewelry store of Rodeo- drive with the purchase of engagement rings. There remains only to be surprised: why it was necessary so much time to hide its relations from the public?..

30- summer Of endzhi with the straightness characteristic of it stated: "yes, 4 beremenna!" But the general friend of future parents added: "Bred is madly happy, because he always wanted family. They declared to friends, that the child must be borne by summer ". Not is less happy, according to the evidence of the same friends, and Andzhelina: "it not was never happier. This is the woman, for whom its children - most important in the life. And now it assembles real durable family". Therefore, the assertion of the former mistress Of endzhi of Schimizu's spinning jennies about the fact that its friend never will calm down in the marriage, they were erroneous.

By Joly she attempted to hide its pregnancy, for what it hid for some time its splendid figure into awkward plat'itsa. But several days ago pierced in the Dominican republic, where it is removed in film The Good Shepherd together with Robert de niro and Mettom Deymonom, after appearing its noticeably rounded off stomach. Furthermore, it became known that the actress during December passed inspection in one of the clinics of California.

Let us recall that this is the first biological pregnancy for active Andzheliny, which already twice became mother - her receiving children excellently themselves feel. With that time Of pitt of podal documents to the official adoption of 4- summer Meddoksa and year old Zakhary. All children will bear Joly -Pitt surname.

Certainly, news about the pregnancy of Joly - present impact for the former wife Of breda Of dzhennifer Of eniston, who learned about the fact that Pitt will become dad personally from it. The four year old marriage Of dzhen and Breda ended during October of past year. And although Pitt denied, that the divorce was caused by the unwillingness Of eniston to have children, now already the reasons of the crash of their family to doubt it does not be necessary. However, it is necessary to return proper Dzhen - it followed no commentaries from its side.

But here the father Of andzheliny actor John voyt stated: "Endzhi - my daughter, and I always support that which is better for it".

The friends of starry pair assume that the ceremony of marriage takes place into Malibu and will pass in the traditions of Buddhism, to which Joly's priverzhena.

RUTV based on materials The Sun and People
Apparently the Russian-to-English algorithm adds the obligatory "of" prefix to most proper names, leading to terminology like "the former mistress Of Endzhi of Schimizu's spinning jennies," "Mettom Deymonom" (Matt Damon), and "Breda Of pitta" - which is not the IKEA™ version of pita bread, but rather, "Brad Pitt." Also, note that the Russian transliteration of "j" (as in jelly) is written dzh: "dzhennifer Of eniston."