Thursday, October 06, 2005
Sen. Miller Drops Assisted-Reproduction Bill 
by Lenka Reznicek [permalink] 
It looks as though for now, Hoosiers may retain the choice to use medically-assisted reproduction. From the Indy Star:
A controversial proposed bill to prohibit gays, lesbians and single people from using medical procedures to become pregnant has been dropped by its legislative sponsor.

State Sen. Patricia Miller, R-Indianapolis, issued a one-sentence statement this afternoon saying: “The issue has become more complex than anticipated and will be withdrawn from consideration by the Health Finance Commission.”

Miller had asked that committee -- a panel of lawmakers who meet when the Indiana General Assembly is not in session to discuss possible legislation- to recommend the bill to the full legislature when it meets in January.

Under her proposal, couples who need assistance to become pregnant - such as through intrauterine insemination; the use of donor eggs, embryos and sperm; in vitro fertilization, embryo transfer or other medical means - would have to be married to each other. In addition, married couples who needed donor sperm and eggs to become pregnant would be required to go through the same rigorous assessment process of their fitness to be parents as do people who adopt a child.