Thursday, May 05, 2005
(Re)name This Blog! 
by Lenka Reznicek [permalink] 
Yes, dear readers...after nearly three years, I have come to the conclusion that the name "farkleberries" may no longer adequately represent the vision and purpose of this blog. Over time a few of you have asked me why I named it so in the first place; in truth, it was an accident.

Some of you may recall my quasi-blog from 2001-2002 called "Unzen Koans" before I opened the Blogger account, and "farkleberries"-dot-blogspot-dot-com was the first domain I chose that didn't return the message, "We're sorry, but that domain name is currently in use - please try again." After I chose the name "farkleberries" I found that Wikipedia blurb (on the sidebar) about "the farkleberry is the most astringent of the herbs in its immediate family and therefore of significant medicinal value," which seemed sufficiently eccentric for my purposes at the time.

It's served a purpose, but I feel like maybe it's time for a change. While I plan on keeping the farkleberries.blogspot.com domain for the time being, I'd to like to offer everyone a chance to suggest its new name...after all, you're the ones that come visit this little smoky joint every day, for which I'm very grateful! I can't offer much in the way of compensation at this point, but I will certainly give credit on this blog to the person (or blog/website, if you choose to remain anonymous) whose entry is chosen.

By the by, I noticed there is a new blog out there (established in April of this year) named "Farkleberryjuice," which is just...well...very different from my own blog. They're obviously not a spoof or satire, and I'm positive they don't even know this blog exists (note to new bloggers - please always Google a proposed name first), but I'm starting to get some confusing, conflicting Technorati cross-references from them. Not too good, that. I considered sending the author a blistering screed gentle note indicating there isn't enough room on the Internets for two farkleberry-themed blogs, but upon further consideration I've decided to make like Walrus Paul, and just let it be. "Farkleberry Juice" suits them just fine, and maybe it's time for me to molt the pupa.

Cheers, and thanks in advance for your thoughts -


(P.S.) I've already considered "The Blog Formerly Known as Farkleberries."