Thursday, November 11, 2004
Press Here for a Load of Hot Air 
by Lenka Reznicek [permalink] 
Sick of all this political hot air? Have you ever wanted to tell all those politicians, "just blow me"? Well, No Milk, Please has a very funny photo of an electric hand-dryer seen at Chicago's O'Hare Airport - see, this one sports a special label above the start button:

This tickled me pink, so I made my own version using a Microsoft Word Avery label template that I'd like to share with you, my beloved readers. Print your own "hot air" protest stickers!

The template is designed for a standard 5160 Avery address label sheet, which you can purchase at any office supply store. It's an MS Word .doc file, so your machine may warn you that "downloading this file may contain macros or viruses that may harm your computer." It doesn't contain any, but if you're leery of overly touchy-feely computer files, I'll understand.

Click here to download PRESS HERE label template.  Warning: MS Word .doc file

Feel free to use these wherever you like: the text is editable, so you can change the word "Congressman" to "Senator" or "Pr....ofessor Jones," name names if you want - stick them on hand dryers, clothes dryers, even toilets! Not that I advocate defacing public property [cough cough], but it's a good harmless laugh. Use at your own risk, of course. ;)