Thursday, July 29, 2004
by Lenka Reznicek [permalink] 
Have you heard the shmooth, schintillating sounds of Shpongle?
Where is Shpongleland...? A multi-verse not very far away where queues and noise don't exist neither pain nor fear, scary faces or bad smells...just peace and pieces, and perfect weather :)

Sucking the big toe of humanity, your armchair turns into an aural spacecraft, catapulting you through the veils of reality and consciousness into a psychedelic adult theme park: Sonar Ballistickle, Soma sucking cyber sorcerers floating weightlessly on the threshold of bliss, creating psycho-geometric, atomic telepathic shimmering incandescent dream dilations. This hybrid exotic seretonin drenched electro-plasmic dripping brain forest moves with endless hallucinogenic changing patterns while, unnoticed a million angels dance on a pinhead.

Fun-Shui, Phrenological escapology; the divine moment of truth…the inevitability of the unexpected - the vortex of the cortex. Knowing what we don't know, while sampling the cosmos; from the darkness to the light; from the unreal to the real...from death to immortality...Lets Get Shpongled!
"I'll have whatever they're smoking, please." You have to love 'em, if only for that blurb...trivia: a couple of my friends have (had?) a black cat named Shpooky, who loved to sleep on the laundry, and had the frequent misfortune of being mistaken for a boot.