Wednesday, July 21, 2004
Random Links for your Surfing Pleasure 
by Lenka Reznicek [permalink] 
  • Links About Sausages: that's what they named their page, I wasn't trying to be clever.
  • Edward Gorey's Gashly Crumb Tinies, a sadistically good way to teach kids the alphabet: my favorites are Fanny and Neville [from James]
  • Speaken ze Dunglish? [via Language Log]
  • Not just for the tinfoil hat set: Dalhousie University's Quick Do-It-Yourself Guide to Radiation Decontamination: because you just never know...
  • ...if you happen to have a Radioactive Boy Scout living on your block.
  • Or any other kind of dirt...which brings us to the fascinating story of Dr. Bronner, the "Pope of Soap".
  • From Bubblegum to Sky's Mario Fernandez recreates the legendary sparkly AM pop sound for the Oughties [free mp3s!!].
  • The Soup Lady's recipe for Banana Farfel
  • He Loves Rock N' Roll: Kenny Laguna Talks About His Life With Joan Jett: interview with Joan's manager of 25 years
  • BeSonic: A German-based free mp3 site with thousands of tracks by independent and unknown artists (sorry, no illegal tracks here; all have been voluntarily placed by the artists). A bit slow on the servers, so high-speed connections are highly recommended. But, oh, the places you'll go...