Tuesday, April 27, 2004
Murder in the Name of 'Honor': Rochester, NY 
by Lenka Reznicek [permalink] 
From the Rochester, NY Democrat and Chronicle comes this disturbing report of a Turkish immigrant residing in nearby Scottsville, charged with the "honor killing" of his wife and attempted murder of his two daughters on April 15th. When Ismail Peltek was taken to hospital complaining of stomach pain, he was asked a series of questions by police:
”Do you know where you are?” he was asked by Investigator David Vaughn, according to court documents.
”Strong Hospital. I love America. I am not a terrorist,” Peltek responded.
”We know that,” Vaughn said.
”OK,” Peltek replied. “Nobody listen.”

After painkillers took effect...Peltek allegedly gave details of the attacks, which he said occurred while his family was asleep. ”Did you kill your wife today?” Vaughn asked.

”Yes. Yes,” Peltek allegedly replied. “I knifed her and I knifed myself. They took my honor.”

His 39-year-old wife died after being stabbed repeatedly and bludgeoned on the head with a hammer. His daughters suffered fractured skulls from hammer blows. Peltek, 41, said he attacked his 4-year-old daughter because she had been “sullied” by a gynecological exam.

”If you had the opportunity to kill the family again, would you?” he was asked by Rochester police Officer Emre Arican, who was brought in to help investigators because he speaks Turkish.

”My female family, yes. My male family, no,” Peltek allegedly replied.
Police investigators are not ruling out the possibility that Peltek may be suffering from mental illness, which would have bearing on the case. [first heard of on feministe]