Wednesday, April 28, 2004
Big Brother Wants Our Blogs - but Michigan Doctors May Not Want You 
by Lenka Reznicek [permalink] 
Watch out, all ye who blog of other than kittens, puppies, babies and other "soft" subjects: your blog soon may be the target of U.S. Intelligence tracking. [via feministe]

And, going to the doctor just got a bit harder in Michigan, following the passage of bill House Bill (HB) 5006 - The Conscientious Objector Policy Act, which states a medical professional has the right to refuse service for moral, ethical or religious reasons.

The legislation was reportedly passed with the urging of some Catholic groups wishing to provide an "out" to faith-based health care programs for services such as birth control or abortion, but the real world consequences of this bill are even more frightening:
"...a doctor, paramedic, or emergency room physician could refuse to treat me because I'm (well, almost) Jewish; or if I were Black, homosexual, pregnant outside of marriage, a drug addict, an alcoholic, or any other reason if they have "moral or religious objections". To say this is scary is an understatement." [via Greengrl]