Friday, March 19, 2004
Tennessee Waltz: No Gays Allowed 
by Lenka Reznicek [permalink] 
I've said this before...but, ahem...what century is this, again?
From Yahoo News/PlanetOut: "Rhea County [TN] Commissioner J.C. Fugate introduced [a] measure during a commissioners' meeting on Tuesday, asking for an amendment to Tennessee's criminal code so homosexuals can be charged with crimes against nature. The audience applauded the motion, and the Rhea County commissioners approved the request 8-0.

Fugate also asked the county attorney to find the best way to ban homosexuals from living within the county. That measure is scheduled for a vote during next month's commission meeting.

'We need to keep them out of here,' Fugate said of homosexuals, telling the Associated Press he was reacting to recent headlines featuring same-sex marriages."
Oh, by the way, Rhea County made headlines back in 1925 when they mounted the infamous Scopes "Monkey Trial" condemning the teaching of evolution. Here's Margaret Cho's take on Rhea County, Tennessee's proposed "no gays allowed" policy:
This is like Salem, but this time, it's Gay-lem. Why are we trying to do a revival of "The Crucible?" Did Goody Proctor witness a man professing fuchsia the color he could absolutely not live without? Did he know for a fact that he was getting manicures AND pedicures once a month, which is proof enough? Is he being burned at the stake? The witch hunts proved to be murderous genocide of innocent women, a disgusting stain on the flag, which you weren't ever able to SHOUT out. So why do you think that this isn't going to leave another mark?