Thursday, March 11, 2004
Blog Spotlight: Angermann2.com 
by Lenka Reznicek [permalink] 
I'd like to start a new feature on farkleberries to spotlight interesting, unusual or noteworthy blogs I've come across. While my usual course of action is to pop the URLs into my blogroll, I think new additions may occasionally get lost in the shuffle. Today, I'd like to direct your attention to Angermann2.com, a introspective and visually striking blog. I admire how Thomas has used content and style to create a cutting-edge look (oversize fonts, highlighted links and big graphics), and his posts are intriguing, cerebral, and "plugged in" big time.

Site Description: "a (choose your description) about AI, art, architecture, audio, cartography, computing, conference, default, ethnography, haptic, mobile, mundane, retro, social, space-place, spatial, swarming, urban, walking, wearing, wi-fi and stuff."

When I first saw the site, I thought my browser was set incorrectly, but after a moment I realized I had an ingrained set of expectations of what I thought a blog should look like. But then, why should a blog look a certain way? Once you get accustomed to the nontraditional appearance of his page, it's quite appealing in its machinelike, pop-art style. He's also done something very creative with the Blogger header ad: instead of making it go away, he's turned it into a design element.

Via Angermann2, two stories that are right up my alley - on Ethno Log: XML, Stylesheets, and Maya Culture, and Inca May Have Used Computer Code, on UNEXPLAINED: In Search of Truth.

Dang, that's good stuff! Watch this space - I'll try to spotlight at least one blog each week. If you'd like to suggest a site for Blog Spotlight, just drop me a note via the commenting system and I'll have a look-see. Of course, don't forget to visit the many fine sites currently housed on the farkleberries blogroll for your blogulating pleasure!