Friday, November 21, 2003
It's My 15 Minutes, Dammit. 
by Lenka Reznicek [permalink] 
This afternoon, my partner and I did something very unusual, indeed.

We were interviewed by Associated Press reporter David Crary for a forthcoming AP piece on the Massachusetts same-sex marriage ruling, because we were "Civil Unioned" in Vermont about three years ago ("early adopters, so to speak), and my partner had a chance to meet one of the Human Rights Campaign's higher-lever representatives on same-sex family issues at a recent Chicago Loop function. We've considered the Massachusetts Marriage if it ever happens, but apparently the issue is so new and so fraught with legal pitfalls, that at this point in time we've been advised to stick with the Vermont civil union.

Forget location: it's connections, connections, connections.

After a few intervening phone tags, we set up a conference call at Mr. Crary at his NYC bureau office; he's a very personable chap, friendly and knowledgeable. Of course, since this was our first brush with the national (and potentially international) media we are understandably a bit nervous: how will we be quoted? Where will our material appear, and how will it be presented? Time will tell. Sometimes you just have to take the plunge and say, "to hell with it - we're taking a stand."

It's a bit scary. It's not as if we're expecting a barrage of feedback from out little soundbites, but the media is a strange and far-reaching octopus of connections.

A moment in the back pages is just that; but Google is forever.