Sunday, November 23, 2003
The Exorcist Revisited Returns 
by Lenka Reznicek [permalink] 
Actually it's in a state of construction, but those of you that remember the original The Exorcist Revisited will be happy to see that the site will be returning to the ether shortly; and the most popular feature, the Georgetown photos, will be back soon.

One of these shots I took in 2002 (of the steep "Hitchcock Steps" between Prospect and "M" Streets in Georgetown, where Father Karras famously tumbled to his death after defeating the demon Pazuzu) appears in a recently published book, "James Dean Died Here" by Chris Epting; the shot is published in black and white, which doesn't quite do it justice - but hey, it's published!

Perhaps The Exorcist isn't one of today's most socially relevant motion pictures; but it is a classic. If you remember the 70's, you know how much a part of that wacky and devilish decade the film was. For Georgetown folks, it's what The Fugitive was to Chicago: I hear screenings of the film are still a (half-comical) annual Georgetown University ritual.

"Hoya saxa! [what rocks!]"

On a side note, here's a recipe to strike sheer terror into faint hearts: Velveeta Fudge, courtesy of the Soup Lady, who warns that with this one, "you're on your own". I'd wager that Regan McNeil never spewed anything more repulsive than this - so just try bringing Velveeta Fudge to your next potluck.