Tuesday, October 14, 2003
Stylin', Lo-IQ-Style 
by Lenka Reznicek [permalink] 
A little update on the previous post: SunnComm has (wisely, I think) dropped its lawsuit against Princeton student Alex Halderman for his published revelation that the company's CD copy-protection software can be disabled with a simple press of the computer's "shift" key.

I saw this little story on CNN.com - the hot new fad in auto accessories?

Fake bullet holes!

How did I miss out on that business opportunity?
"...[name], 21, placed 10 bullet-hole stickers on his 1994 Honda Accord to make it look as if it had been riddled with gunfire. 'A lot of people ask me about them and think my car got shot up,' [he] said Monday. 'I just try to be different.' [name], who works for a rubber and plastics manufacturer, said it was cheaper than, say, customized wheel rims. "I just spent a few dollars instead of $20,000," he said.
But of course. Nothing adds class to a 1994 Honda like 10 fake bullet holes. He should have just taken an evening drive through Hyde Park and saved himself a few dollars.