Tuesday, August 26, 2003
by Lenka Reznicek [permalink] 
Many Happy Returns

August was certainly the month of travel...here, there and everywhere. But we're back for good now, so you may actually start seeing regular blog posts on farkleberries again!

In addition to travel, there's been another interesting theme in recent days: reconnecting with old friends, some whom I have not seen in many years. Some live on the East Coast, some on the West, and some - like me - live betwixt and between. Ten years is a long time, and it never ceases to amaze me how our lives transmute and transform...sometimes to the paths previous generations took (despite protestations that their lives would be different) and some entirely other.

After three years in the Midwest, Plattsburgh, New York and Burlington, Vermont look like placid, comfortable places where life moves along at a much slower pace than Chicago...I had to catch myself a few times in interactions with people, not to come across and snappy and urbanely impatient.

Example: when the driver of the car ahead of you doesn't floor the pedal one millisecond after the signal turns green, that's not cause for using the horn. When you're in a store, or just purchasing something from a private seller, be prepared to engage in unrelated small talk and not fret because the transaction is taking longer than a minute or two: it's a different way of living, but one that's probably better on some level for the human spirit.

The visit reminded me, above all, that time passes all too quickly and one needs to be mindful of its rapid flow. Don't forget the people in your lives.

A note to Rapierbat (one of the old friends from New York who has resurfaced!): wonderful to hear from you! Unfortunately, my e-mails have bounced back. Could you double-check the return e-mail address, and try sending your message once more via the farkleberries feedback? Many thanks!