Friday, May 16, 2003
by Lenka Reznicek [permalink] 
It must be something in the air...could it be the dreaded spring-that-just-won't-come, vernum interruptus? In this morning's daily dose of bloggery, I found two sweet accounts of comebacks and karma that put a unique smile on my face. Walk in my office right now, and you'll see an expression on my face reminicent of both the Mona Lisa and Alex from A Clockwork Orange. It's all because of those posts and the fact that my DVD box set of the X-Files Season 7 finally arrived yesterday.

Clouds, tornadoes, lightning storms of Rocky Horror Picture Show dimensions - it's been the Spring From Hell in the Midwest.

That does it. Tomorrow we're going to IKEA to see the yin-yang tables and the Gutvik bunk beds; at least we'll have a better shot there than getting seats for The Matrix Reloaded. We'll save that for next week, after all the fanboys have gone home to bed.