Tuesday, May 27, 2003
by Lenka Reznicek [permalink] 
A Bubble from the Deep

Amazing. One week without a home computer and my fingers are forgetting how to type.

No, not really, but how I miss the opportunity to toss off a blog post when the urge strikes; spontaneity is the first of all things to be lost, no? I've just come back from nearly an hour in the noonday sun in the University Quadrangle - a fancy name for Gothic landscaping, apparently - proofreading a manuscript on growth and inequality while sharing a concrete step with tendrils of ivy and a few errant hornets and yellowjackets. I thought the subscripts and regression formulae were bringing on my headache, but apparently it was the sun...the first major weekday sun I've had since last summer, and already the tops of my forearms are starting to get burned.

From less than one hour in the sun! Is the ozone hole finally bulging its way over the Midwest, or have I just become a minty-green Omega Man-type subterranean dweller? Am I becoming a Morlock?

Or, am I merely going bonkers from reading too much Descartes?