Thursday, April 10, 2003
by Lenka Reznicek [permalink] 
Kids These Days, Part 1

If you want any further proof that computers should be kept out of the hands of minors - period - look no further than this "tweener" group school blog I found by accident called Toxic (I'm not including their URL because these little hackers will probably 5PrayCaN farkleberries):
the [name deleted] and [name deleted] no need to do what... i ask [name deleted]... AHHH!!! I DUN WANNA DO [name deleted]!!! [name deleted] SUX!!!! #
( 10:34 AM ) [name deleted] i use dare dream and devil for topic, so if it turns out like sh*t, dont blame me....im beta at dissing freestyle #
( 10:32 AM ) [name deleted] eh i chit chat with [name deleted] for 15 mins leh.....eeyer.....btw [name deleted], first verse completed.....thinkin hard for the hook #
( 12:37 AM ) [name deleted] YES I GOT CALLED BY [name deleted] AND [name deleted] *shudders* and YES we have to do 2 [name deleted]s. DAMNDAMNDAMn #
( 9:56 PM ) [name deleted] yea man! the world rules! [for once]man..picking up the phone n hearing [name deleted]'s voice is creEpy.bet everyone got called by [name deleted] too #
( 12:23 PM ) [name deleted] the pro gal here who watched footie last night. Madrid VS Man u yeah. Slept sooo late now then wake up. 12oclock plus [name deleted]. mwahahahars Homework!! *pulls out hair* #
Actually, I'm alpha at dissing freestyle, which is why this conversational thread makes no sense to me. After doing a little research, I found out it's actually a group blog from an English School in Singapore.

Parents, this is what your kids are probably doing online when they tell you they're "researching a term paper". But it could be worse. They could be chatting with Pee Wee Herman.

More fun and useful: the Faerie Name Generator: mine is Tarlenan BlueEyes of the Dark Glade, quite nice, I think, rather Gaimanesque. That's when I choose the "female" generator option.

However, If I choose the "male" version of the name, it returns the rather shameful and callipygian Dandulda SnowBottom of the Muddled Farm. Eeech.