Friday, April 25, 2003
by Lenka Reznicek [permalink] 
If Der Gutvik Is Rocking, Don't Come-a Knocking

I can see how this would be embarrassing for the squeaky-clean prefab furniture moguls at IKEA:
From Ananova: "Ikea has apologised after accidentally naming a child's bunk bed after an obscene German expression. The Swedish firm didn't realise the problem until after the £110 bed went on sale across Europe. The wooden bed is called the "Gutvik" which means "Good f***" in German. (If you've taken high-school German, you know the letter v is pronounced f, which etymologically explains a lot)

But the Swedish firm's adverts for the bed were hastily withdrawn from windows and papers after it was pointed out to bosses what the words meant in German. IKEA spokesman Sabine Nold, 40, said: "Yes, we do have a bed of this name that is on offer in our stores at the moment.

"It is the name of a tiny Swedish town. We did not realise that it could also be taken as something obscene."
What I'd like to know, is why they named a Swedish town that way in the first place?