Wednesday, April 30, 2003
by Lenka Reznicek [permalink] 
Don't Bother With The Reading Glasses

Yesterday I decided to switch to a larger, easier-to-read font for this blog; it's now a size-2 Georgia/Garamond/Serif without justified alignment, which seems to be much easier on the eyes. A size-1 Georgia is too small and serif-y for any but the lowest resolution screens, but I find the size-2 makes for pleasing boldface and italic script. I hope you find the change a positive one as well?

Maybe it's just me, but that size-1 Verdana I used (and which I used to like on so many other blogs) was starting to give me a headache. Next project: figuring out how to use Cascading Style Sheets. These days, only dinosaurs like me don't use them yet.

Here's a link worth a chuckle or two, The Chortler's Spangl├ęs Lesson Number 1: El Presidente Jorge Bush speaks with Condoleeza Rice.