Saturday, February 08, 2003
by Lenka Reznicek [permalink] 
The (in)sanity Dance

When I logged onto CNN today (something I usually do to confirm that the world hasn't been blown away yet), more news about the slippery warslope slide and the Homeland Security threat risk being raised to "high". I notice that Chicago is not on the official list of cities raising their security, but that doesn't mean they haven't. Still, I'm feeling a little antsy about taking the "L" train today if I venture out...maybe I'll take the bus. I don't think someone will blow up a bus or blow VX gas in the windows, will they. I can't believe I'm actually thinking about this, and blogging this; none of this cr*p would have crossed my mind two years ago. As you can tell, I'm in a bit of a cynical mood this morning. Sez CNN:
"Of possible concern could be attacks involving chemicals, such as ricin, cyanide, or organophosphates and/or radiological dispersal devices (RDD), and dirty bombs," the letter from Virginia officials said. In eastern Virginia, the FBI had already alerted its law enforcement partners Tuesday about threat information suggesting that "soft targets," such as hotels either frequented or owned by Jewish people, could be attacked.
Guess I should avoid shopping on Devon Avenue today? Perhaps not. Devon Avenue is as much Hindi and Muslim as it is Jewish. Supposedly we're at increased risk because the Muslim Hajj ends mid-February. I'm sorry, but I just don't think ending a period of religious devotions calls for terrorists attacks. I mean, what if we celebrated the end of Christmas by blowing up (insert your choice of non-Christian place of worship here)?

Forgive my mood. Part of it is because my old cat Nathaniel has been howling at me incessantly this morning (despite getting love and treats and fresh water), and the upstairs neighbors have been engaged in noisy rhythmic activity for over an hour, rattling my coffee mug and the ceiling lights.

To drown out the thawump grr thawump grr, I'm listening to a disc called "The Eternal Om" - which is over 60 minutes of ethereal synthetic drone mixed with a loop of the "om" chant. It's pleasant enough, and relaxing. At least now I feel spiritual enough not to whack a broom and scream at my ceiling. They're using a stairclimber machine. What did you think I meant, (ha ha)?

I think I'll have some more coffee and watch a good afternoon DVD. Oh boy, this post is starting to sound like a real blog. Perhaps I'll be in a more edified state of mind later today.