Wednesday, February 05, 2003
by Lenka Reznicek [permalink] 
Blog This, Baby: the new frontier

Spoiler: this post will be one big noodle about my blogging habit, so if you're not interested, please scroll down or visit the archives! It's amazing how quickly one can get addicted: back in January of last year, I started keeping a 'blog' of sorts on my personal webpage, called Unzen Koans. All told, I posted about 30 items - averaging out to a little less than one a week - but when you consider that they were made by the laborious process of building individual web pages in Microsoft Word(TM) and ftp'ing them through a secure SSH server, well, that puts it into perspective. Image-heavy, my Unzen Koans pages took ages to load and looked pretty schitzy (a word stolen from my boss) in Netscape. I'll chalk it up to youthful indiscretion.

Just last month I opened up my Blogger(TM) account, and a few abortive attempts at "Unzen Koans - the blog" later, a word flashed into my head: farkleberries. Mm. Catchy. I like that. No sense having a blog if no one remembers the name, right? The account finally "took", and I made my first stabs at true blogging. Then came the next step: customizing my template. You're looking at the finished results now, but the starting code was a Blogger pre-fab special called "Color Blocks"; at least blogging has forced me to learn some HTML!

If you've checked out this blog before, you may have noticed some changes recently - there are a lot more banners and links on the sidebar, and it's starting to look like a NASCAR special. I suppose the millenium's version of lunchbox decals or bumperstickers is having a lot of banners on your site...at least here, they have an actual function. Can I tell you about some of my recent acquisitions?In any case, happy hunting and blogging. I'm sure you will be hearing more from me soon.